Enzymes Shelf Life

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  1. How long is the shelf life of a typical supplemental enzyme?
  2. If longer than one month, how do they maintain extended shelf life?
  3. Do enzymes require additives to maintain their shelf life?
  4. If enzymes are in fact living organisms as claimed how does that effect shelf life?


  1. Plant enzymes (mycelial) naturally have extended shelf life if they are kept at room temperature and free of moisture (water).  A colleague and I have been experimenting clinically for over 5 years and still find them to be adequate.  However, the FDA determines shelf life and it is set at 3 years for labeling.
  2. Once again, plant based enzymes do not require additives or protection in maintaining shelf life in the absence of heat and water.  Think of it as a package of seeds for planting.  They remain dormant in the package until you plant them in soil and add water.  They then become active and grow the plants you desire.  Enzymes work similarly.  Add a proper pH and water and they become active worker bees to do their job.
  3. Same answer.  The enzymes are dormant (inactive) until in their proper environment.  In theory the enzymes shelf life would be infinite, but from a practical standpoint their exposure over extended period of time to heat and moisture will eventually denature their activity.

These are great questions but all have basically the same answer.  Enzymes are very stable and last a long time in the right environment. Again, the labeling requirement set for enzyme supplementation is for three years.

If you want to dig deeper into biochemistry of their chemical actions that surround these life giving protein molecules you will find it well documented.  For instance metabolic enzymes (made by your body) or supplemental enzymes (taken orally) both require hydrolysis (a chemical process in which a molecule of water is added to a substance for a reaction). In this case it is considered activation when the enzyme gains a hydrogen ion.   In chemistry, pH is a measure of the potential or power (heat) of the hydrogen ion.  Enzymes work in a specific pH range in which they perform and in the presence of water.

I hope I adequately answered your questions.

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