Fat Trapped Toxins


QUESTION:  What do we do about toxins trapped in our fat?

This question came up after reading a former post.  I think it is a very good question since so many of you are going through a weight loss program.


By the time many are in there twenties they have had years of cumulative exposure to allergens, pesticides, plastics, chemicals, heavy metals, bacteria, poisons, irritants and genetically modified organisms.  These biochemicals or artificial debris can’t be naturally eliminated and gets stored in our fat cells. Every year beyond ones twenties the toxic load begins to build up.


To add to this scenario the heavier (fatter) one is the more toxin one may have stored.  When somebody tries to loose weight with a crash or radical diet these toxins are released.  The body then experiences a toxic overload, which can cause depressing symptoms to the nervous system.

Severity depends on the weight of other burdens we have placed on our bodies over the years.  Poor nutrition, chronic stress and lack of daily exercise are three major signal enhancers because they each play a significant role in the body’s ability to detoxify and maintain balance.  Lifestyle choices such as improper food choices, smoking or drinking are all compounding factors.


The toxic load may be just one part of widespread inflammation and may culminate until menopause or andropause.  The body striving to get back to what it recognized as balance after years of constant change (diets or hormones) may no longer interpret “normal” as health.  This in turn sabotages the best intentions of loosing weight.  Don’t forget that hormones are messengers.


Depression, anxiety and weight gain become a constant because the body isn’t really maintaining optimal blood sugar and hormone levels, many compensates by snacking or drinking caffeine.  They only worsen the insulin resistance and adrenal exhaustion while adding more body fat.  This becomes a vicious cycle.


Many may have had problems breaking down food to begin with and now it only gets worse.  This becomes part of the process.  Another key exists between stress and body fat.  Stress hormones block weight loss.  Unresolved emotional issues can be the cause of unhealthy eating habits and they can become their own kind of toxin!  Stressors can be emotional, physical or even diet-related.  Prolonged stress can lead to chronic inflammation and adrenal fatigue.

A sound solution!

  • Make sure you are breaking your food down properly by taking digestive enzyme supplements with meals,
  • Take probiotics to balance the microorganisms (bacteria),
  • Take proteases after you exercise and a few more times during the day.

I personally like to take proteases first thing in the AM, mid-day and before bed as a way of balance.  The protease is important because it is the best thing you can do for controlling inflammation and to carry away the waste you are beginning to release from your fat.  Plan ahead and make sure you do not reabsorb the toxins.

Rid your life of GMO foods, synthetic sugars and/or synthetic fats.  Using your protein drinks during the day to balance your protein needs (remember proteins are not stored in the fat cells or body).

The two-pronged attack is protease and lipase.  Lipase is second in the list and should be a large part of your digestive enzyme with meals.  If you experience colds or flu like symptoms when you start to loose weight remember what the culprit is “toxins in your fat”!  It is usually felt in the first three weeks of your program so drink plenty of water, rest and take PROTEASE!

“There are two primary choices in life: 
to accept conditions as they exist, or 
accept the responsibility for changing them.”  Denis Waitley

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