Writing with My Heart and Soul

Although, not a native of Texas I married a man with a big Texan heart and we are at home in Sugar Land, Texas.  It has been necessary for me to travel a great deal because of my work and have met many wonderful people but I must say they do not make them more friendly than Texans.

Other than listing all my interests and/or concerns I will attach newsletters, presentations and booklets that will go into diverse health topics.  You can select those to be downloaded of which are of interest to you.

The answers to most questions receive will be put in a blog format so that they may be shared.  If you are asking a question that is personal you will need to provide me with your email address.  Please do not become impatient with me if I cannot immediately get to each question.  I promise to do my best.

My husband Ken Looney


Our dogs Max and Buddy (Vizslas)


One thought on “MY HEART

  1. Hello My Friend, Love reading all the information you provide on your site, very informative and what a beautiful picture of you and your husband Ken (and of course Max and Buddy), Tell me what are the very basic products I might start and what would the cost be? I have a lot of problems with constipation, my muscles and nerves. I know I do not eat right and probably don’t drink enough fluids, but I try. Look forward to hearing from you.

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