These delicate life giving substances called enzymes are present in all living cells, whether vegetable or animal. Technically, enzymes are energized protein molecules.  Our bodies can obtain them in only two ways — by making them inside our body (endogenous metabolic enzymes) or by acquiring them through the protein food we ingest from outside our body (exogenous enzymes) by using properly digested proteins to replenish or make more metabolic enzymes.

There are problems that occur with each source:

  • As you get older, your body becomes much less efficient, thus producing significantly fewer enzymes than it did when young.
  • Secondly, the greatest part of the food you eat today is genetically modified and your body does not recognize those unidentified proteins. The result of this is that you don’t get enough proteins to replenish your supply of enzymes in order to remain healthy and energized.
  • Furthermore, because enzymes are protein molecules, the body needs a constant supply of amino acids from our diet to continue replacing lost metabolic enzymes. If anyone at any age has a stomach digestive problem or does not consume enough protein in their diet this hinders the body’s ability to replenish its metabolic enzymes and rebuild.

Our bodies cannot exist without metabolic enzymes.


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