Americas Food History to Aborted Fetal Cells in Our Foods


1950:  Sugar Pops are introduced.

  • The Pillsbury Company launches it’s annual “Bake-off” to promote flour.
  • KRAFT® Deluxe process cheese slices – the first commercially packaged sliced process cheese – are introduced.
  • Minute Rice is launched with the first consumer advertising ever-put behind rice.

1951:  Swanson introduces beef, chicken, and turkey potpies.

  • Gerber Products starts using MSG (monosodium glutamate) in its baby foods to make them taste better.

1952: Mrs. Paul’s introduces frozen fish sticks.

  • The typical U.S. grocery store now carries about 4,000 different items, up from about 870 in 1928.
  • Kellogg’s introduces sugar Frosted Flakes, at 29 percent sugar.

1953:  Diet Rite the first diet drink was patented and marketed.

  • Kellogg’s introduces sugar Smacks, 56 percent sugar.

1954:  Swanson unveils the first TV dinners. Snacking on and munching processed foods in front of the tube will soon become a national pastime.

  • Hold the pickle! Hold the lettuce! The first Burger King opens.
  • Kraft introduces CRACKER BARREL® brand natural cheese.
  • M&M’s Peanut Chocolate Candies were introduced.
  • General Mills introduced Trix – 46.6 percent sugar.

1955:   Ray Kroc opens his first McDonald’s franchise. During the next 55 years, eating out becomes less of an event and more of a necessity, as people get busier and busier. Full schedules and the demand for consistency make fast food a multi-billion dollar industry.

  • The Quaker Oats Company invents instant Oatmeal.
  • Tappan manufactures the first home microwave ovens.
  • Birds-Eye introduces Potato Patties – ready to fry!
  • Kentucky Fried Chicken introduced with the motto, “finger lickin good”!
  • Not only is Del Monte Stewed Tomatoes (inspired by the recipe of an employee’s mother) introduced but also the Pineapple Grapefruit Drink.
  • New at the market – Pillsbury Chocolate Angel Food Cake Mix- “you love it in white… now Pillsbury has it in chocolate too!”

1956:  Jif Peanut Butter is born

  • A dollar buys only as much food in 1956 as 41¢ bought in 1939.
  • Americans exported 700 million cases of canned goods. No doubt called it “cuisine.”

1957:  General Foods Corp. introduces TANG breakfast beverage crystals.

  • 5,000 new products will hit the supermarket shelves, including frozen pizza.
  • Margarine sales take the lead over butter.

1958:  U.S. supermarkets number 32,000 and account for 69 percent  of all food store sales although they comprise only 11 percent of food stores.

  • Hurray for Jiffy Pop!
  • One-billionth can of Spam sold.

1960:  Our obesity rate in America tripled!

1980:  GMO (genetically modified organisms) we only began to find out about them!

1989: the Snack Food Association now declares February National Snack Food Month. A month-long campaign results in a 41% increase in snack food consumption. Junk food in general, aided by preservatives and additives and sky high in sugar and calories, contributes to the fact that twice as many children (25%) are overweight than 30 years ago. 

1990s: Foods labeled “Low-Fat”, “Lite” are hitting their stride, and people rely on them to make up for their bad eating habits. What many people found out too late is that “low-fat” doesn’t mean “low calorie” but high sugar.  We then had the “no sugar” which means high trans fats combined with synthetic sugars.  A lethal combination of genetically modified foods to further compromises the body’s hormones.

1992:  Revised USDA Food Pyramid is created and suggests high carbohydrates to low proteins and questionable derived fats and sugars.

1993: FDA proposes to “medicalize” and restrict safe dietary supplements. “All labels should bear a statement that a supplement should be taken on an advice of a nutritionist, a dietician, or a medical doctor,”

1994:  USDA has now made changes are too numerous to list from eight Individual Fatty Acid Intakes for various years, plus various documentations of measurements.   University students are hired to catalogue and create the large number of files.

1998: the FDA for use in no-fat snacks approves Olestra, a non-digestible, nutrition-less fat substitute. This only adds to no apparent consequences for improper eating or concern on whether you get the nutrients you need or not. Nutrition’s value as a life sustainer is further diminished.

1999:  Monsanto and pharmaceutical manufacturer Pharmacia & Upjohn announced a merger. Early reports of the merger suggested the new company might try to sell or spin off its agribusiness unit.  In other words, use other names.  By the second half of 1999, Monsanto and “others” have 17,200 sites in which to read up on biotechnology patents, which include an additional 11,703 links where individual patents are defined.

2000: Americans ate more than half of their meals outside the home or ate processed food they did not cook at home.  This was due to a campaign by the food industry that promoted fast food.

Philip Morris (tobacco) Company bought Nabisco a subsidiary of Kraft foods.  See below to find what came about for Kraft foods!

2012:              67.9% of American adults are overweight

                        33.7 are obese and in 2013 they have named it a disease

            31.8% of American’s children and adolescents are overweight or obese.

2013:              Food companies using aborted fetus cells in food:

PEPSI BEVERAGES – All Pepsi soft drinks – Sierra Mist soft drinks – Mountain Dew soft drinks – Mug root beer and other soft drinks – No Fear beverages – Ocean Spray beverages – Seattle’s Best Coffee – Tazo beverages – AMP Energy beverages – Aquafina water – Aquafina flavored beverages – DoubleShot energy beverages – Frappuccino beverages – Lipton tea and other beverages – Propel beverages – SoBe beverages – Gatorade beverages – Fiesta Miranda beverages – Tropicana juices and beverages

NESTLE PRODUCTS – All coffee creamers – Maggi Brand instant soups, bouillon cubes, ketchups, sauces, seasoning, instant noodles

KRAFT – CADBURY ADAMS PRODUCTS – Black Jack chewing gum – Bubbaloo bubble gum – Bubblicious bubble gum – Chiclets – Clorets – Dentyne – Freshen Up Gum – Sour Cherry Gum (Limited) – Sour Apple Gum (Limited) – Stride – Trident CADBURY ADAMS CANDIES – Sour Cherry Blasters – Fruit Mania – Bassett’s Liquorice All sorts – Maynards Wine Gum – Swedish Fish – Swedish Berries – Juicy Squirts – Original Gummies – Fuzzy Peach – Sour Chillers – Sour Patch Kids – Mini Fruit Gums

OTHER CADBURY ADAMS PRODUCTS – Certs breath mints – Halls Cough Drops



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