The purpose of The Healing Power of Enzymes is to give a simple yet comprehensive explanation of enzymes starting from metabolic enzymes (those you produce), when they are produced, and how or when they are turned on or off by one’s own DNA. Something not done before in a book—I include enzyme labeling, a chart of the various supplemental enzymes, what they are produced from, and what foods they break down. It is pertinent information whether you are a first-time reader or a practitioner in Enzyme Therapy.

Measurements of enzymes are also attended to since there is a great deal of confusion. The Internet has brought to the forefront a great deal of information along with nutritional myths and dubious recommendations. I address many of these concerns using my clinical and scientific background. Most chapters will have detailed information on conditions and suggestions on the choices to bring you once again into the best balance you are equipped to maintain. Chapters will either have case studies, testimonials, or both.

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