Tim Brown1

Through out my many years I have been called by many names.  Understandable since my name is unusual and not many people know how to pronounce it.  In my later years I married a Looney.  My marriage to Ken Looney plus adding Looney to my many names was a highlight of my life.  Nothing is more honoring than hearing the name “Mother” from my own children or Bonus Mom from my Bonus Children.

However, it has been an honor through the years to have Tim refer to me as his “White Mother”.  Tim and I enjoyed many times of fun together no matter the enterprise.  Tim and I taught Natural Enzyme Therapy along with body typing in his church and/or for business.  Tim has been gracious to invite me to his home along with some of his own life’s highlights such as birthday parties, retirement and two Heisman Trophy Breakfasts in New York.  I adore his family especially his “true Momma”.

As Tim’s White Mama I am thrilled that he has been accepted in the 2015 Football Hall of Fame.  Certainly not that my DNA had anything to do with his achievements but prayer is important!  Congratulations Tim!

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