Is there a “Natural” Vitamin & Mineral Product?


I am often asked which vitamin & mineral supplements I take personally. Doctors and companies hire me as a formulator to deliver the strongest most synergetic nutritional products possible.  It is my opinion that the more natural a product is the more bioavailable it will be to the body. That said it becomes an educational process, which takes time to grasp the difference between synthetically derived, and natural whole food concepts. A quick example is the isolation of an individual nutrient such as B6, which has to be separated or cut from a whole food nutrient than that vitamin by definition is synthetically derived.

Most vitamins and minerals on the market are synthetically derived.  The cost of these individual synthetic nutrients is proportionately very small when compared to whole food products. Unfortunately these synthetically derived nutrients become costly to our immune and digestive system, as the body has to deal with their overload.

Very few of these synthetics can be efficiently utilized by your system and therefore cause a toxic overload that has to be cleared out by the liver. The liver then sends a significant amount of the synthetic overload to the kidney to be eliminated. Hence the expensive and colorful urine people brag about.

The answer to the question of is there a natural vitamin and mineral product is an overwhelming “yes” but unfortunately the amount of the vitamins and minerals cannot be measured in a traditional way.  Since they are food derived the amount of nutrient is dependent on how many freeze-dried foods you can formulate into a capsule.

You may have recently seen a television ad that one broccoli stem fights cancer and the dynamic of this ad is it is comparing one push up against a whole exercise regiment. In other words that natural broccoli food stem brings a whole lot of firepower to the body. There is further truth in this statement because it contains the natural essential food nutrients required.   Freeze dried powdered broccoli is a great example of a natural nutrient source.

Now for the actual product that I formulated and personally take “Essential 45”, according to Dr. Dick Couey, head physiologist at Baylor University contains all the 45 required nutrients each cell of our body needs for good health. My personal contribution to this natural formula was the addition of enzymes to ensure that the nutrients are properly escorted to the cellular level.

There is no other product in the world that gives the body the 45 nutrients that it needs with an insurance policy for delivery to the cell. Health practitioners and their patients have loved this product for over 22 years.

As a special Holiday Gift to all of my friends, family and followers who have supported me over the past years I have a small inventory of “Essential 45” that I am offering at a deep discount. There are no fillers and 90 capsules in the bottle.

My offer is $20.00 a bottle plus shipping. I have a very limited inventory so I need to hear from you very quickly.

Please respond to me at this email and I will get right back to you with instructions.

If you require more information on synthetic versus natural nutrients it can be found on my site under “Questions and Answers”.

One thought on “Is there a “Natural” Vitamin & Mineral Product?

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