1912233_561047730692928_3950914853200981782_nHalloween Treats

Many are asking “How can I receive a vaccine to keep my body safe if there is an Ebola outbreak?

Please keep this CARTOON in mind while you search the news for more Ebola information while munching on your Halloween treats.  To date the millions of vaccines are to be ready the end of 2015.  The National Institutes of Health announced that human testing has begun on a second experimental Ebola vaccine, VSV-ZEBOV in tests with monkeys.

Right now you are the only one that is responsible for your immune system.  “YOU” not your doctor, county, state or country!

Lets be honest your health has always been your own responsibility.  You are the one in charge of what you put in your mouth. You make the decision what, when, how much or where you eat.  You decide on what and how much you drink.

Are you aware that most of your immune system is found throughout your digestive tract?

Your entire digestive system (all 30 feet) is home to your second brain (enteric nervous system) and lymphatic system!  If you are a parent I need to remind you that your child does not have a completed digestive system until puberty.   Their gut and immune system is not yet safely completed!

What can you do to protect yourself and family?  Chose wisely and eat organic grown food, grass fed animals without hormone injections, drink pure water in place of soda and eliminate sugar.  Halloween is supposed to be a scary time and the sugary treats defeating our immune system now make it even more scary!

What is the downside to not protecting your digestive tract?   Allowing your digestive system to become a black cauldron of dysfunction, poor immune responses and opening yourself to all kinds of bacteria and virus.  Remember you are in charge!

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