Pepsi Flavored Cheetos



Pepsi Flavored Cheetos is really a big hit in Japan!  The fizzing Pepsi-flavored Cheetos hit shelves last month in Japan, where no flavor combination is too wild.

“The mouth doesn’t anticipate the combo, which actually makes it more pleasurable to the brain,” says food scientist Steven Witherly. “If something looks like a Cheeto but tastes like a Pepsi, it wakes up the brain.”

One reviewer said the sensation was acidic, and that the effort to hit Pepsi’s recognizable citrus notes went too far, overpowering the more subtle flavor of sweet cola. Even so, she said, “I’d eat a handful.”

Even mouth surprise gone wrong benefits brands, as the “ew” factor still prompts consumers to post about their gross-out experience to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, where their friends may decide they want to see how gross it can really be.

Mouth surprise “speaks to consumers’ short attention spans,” according to one new products researcher at Mintel. “Consumers all want something absolutely new that’s never been seen before.”

Frito-Lay spokesman Jeff Dahncke says they’ll only be available for a limited time, however, and there are currently “no plans” to bring the fizzing Cheetos to the U.S.  You may be asking yourselves then  why I am posting about it?

Two thousand new flavors are introduced into the United States every year.   After reading how they are promoted I have to ask the question – just how many aborted fetus cells have been genetically infused to entice their flavor and our cravings? If they can prove it a hit in Japan they very well may find their way here.  This is just the thing that would attract our children to consume and obviously as they mention “our short attention spans”.

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