Can I give my dog supplemental enzymes?



ANSWER:  Of course you can, in fact you really should if you care for their overall health.  Pets have similar digestive tracts as humans.  Hence, the reason they also suffer from human diseases.  Cats, for instance, have a weakness in digesting fats, which creates chronic diarrhea, vomiting or intestinal upset.  Worse are their chronic urinary infections, intestinal cancer or liver disease.

You might find it interesting to know that all mammals require digestive enzymes and their metabolic enzymes can be found in their digestive tracts.  Case in point, we had the opportunity to work with Sea World, treating one of their killer whales that had been diagnosed with urinary issues.  We used large volumes of our digestive formulas and proteases to treat him and we were rewarded with a healthy whale.  The value of these mammals is beyond calculation so were quite proud that the high-end veterinarians trusted us with their most valuable assets.

If you feel the same way about your pet then consider treating your companion with supplemental digestive enzymes.  Another vet on our board used the proteases on dogs with mange and kept a clinical record with pictures as the dogs progressed in their healing.

The picture is of Max and Buddy.  Buddy a vizsla prefers me to open the capsule and put the powder on his food.  His brother Max will just eat the capsules.  I never feed them unless they take their digestive enzymes.  In fact they will not eat if they realize they are not there in the food.  I also give them a probiotic once a day and if there are any problems they take proteases.   They after all are family members.

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